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With our long experience in the leadership of the Special Pathology Clinic "Evangelistria" and after the completely successful project of the General Clinic "Therapeutirio of Athens", Kostas Georgiadis was ready to make the next step regarding his new business plan in the field of health, guided by an inspired idea, just like those that characterized his entire professional career in one way or another.

He traces the conditions that have been shaped within the ever-changing palette of "colors" in the Athens of our time:

Hundreds of thousands of residents of the Center lack adequate health cover in their neighborhood.

Among them, there are numerous foreign communities that find it difficult to gain access to our country's health system.

Realizing this dual need, he seeks its solution, according to the international standards and with the methods of medical coverage of foreign communities in other European countries.

This is how HOSPITALity came into our lives, with title and essence... two in one: the Greek hospitality combined with the modern global medicine.

"Health close to us"

It is a clinic open to everyone, offering the highest possible medical, diagnostic and nursing services in Patisia (39-41 Lemesou and Acharnon Steets,) in the premises of the old "Euroclinic Children’s Hospita;"), meeting the needs of the residents of a large urban complex on the spot of metropolitan Athens, so that patients and relatives are no longer obliged to travel kilometers away from their homes.

"Health in our language"

At the same time, HOSPITALity is adapted to the conditions resulting from the multiculturalism of the region, a region that is now an international crossroads, with Greek culture welcoming, accepting, accompanying and being accompanied by the entire planet.

HOSPITALity is a clinic that works with all the communities of the city and speaks about health in all languages, just like its employees. Medical, nursing and administrative staff inform each patient about their health in their own language and are by their side to help them cross the labyrinthine path of paperwork, a path difficult for Greeks, often impassable for foreigners.

This was exactly what the founder of the clinic, Kostas Georgiadis, left as a legacy, laying the foundations for the last major project of his life:

Access to health for everyone, without exclusions and colors, but with the aromas of the whole earth!

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  • Εύκολη Πρόσβαση

    Easy access

    The clinic operates in the area of Agios Nikolaos, Acharnes, at 39-41 Lemesou Street, perpendicular to 209 Acharnon Street.

  • Αξιόπιστη ιατρική φροντίδα

    Reliable medical care

    We follow the quality standards established by technological developments in the field of modern medicine.

  • Προσιτές τιμές

    Affordable prices

    For us, high-quality diagnostic and nursing services are not a luxury only few can afford.

  • Φιλικό περιβάλλον

    Friendly environment

    Our personnel are always by your side, showing understanding and empathy and helping you with any documentation and applications towards the funds, etc.

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Address: 39-41 Lemesou Street (209 Acharnon Street), P.O. 104 46, Athens

Tel.: +30 210 866 3064

Email: info@hospitalityclinic.gr

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