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Hearing and balance disorders cover a wide range of pathological conditions and particularly trouble patients, often causing problems in professional and social life, but also negatively affecting their personality at a psycho-emotional level.

The role of the ENT doctor is the most important in these disorders, as it can contribute decisively to the early diagnosis and effective therapeutic management of the individual pathological entities. Hearing loss is divided into conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, depending on whether the sound conduction mechanism (tympanic membrane, auditory ossicles, etc.) or the neurosensory mechanism of the inner ear (cochlea or auditory nerve) is affected.

Accordingly, balance disorders (vertigo, unsteadiness, dizziness, etc.) can be distinguished into two main groups: the peripheral ones, which are due to pathological conditions located in the peripheral vestibular system (atrium, semicircular tubes) and the central disorders, which refer to pathological conditions within the central nervous system. In the ENT hearing clinic (Audiology clinic), after the thorough check with otoscopy and the other clinical examination, the audiological test is carried out and the diagnosis and type of hearing loss is determined. Laboratory hearing tests are also carried out, in particular: tympanometry, test of auditory reflexes of the afferent muscle, test of eustachian tube function, pure tone audiometry.

For symptoms of vertigo, in the vertigo clinic (Neuro-otology clinic) a thorough examination of the balance system, the function of the cerebral nerves (conjugates), the function of the cerebellum is performed and the patient's upright posture and gait are evaluated.

A comprehensive management protocol for patients with peripheral vestibular disease is implemented, including diagnosis and evaluation as well as long-term follow-up of patients, using clinical tests of functional control of the vestibular system, use of standard scales to assess the balance and condition of the vestibular system and follow-up of rehabilitation/central compensation.

Also, canalith repositioning procedure apply in order to restore benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, one of the most frequent and important pathological entities – pathological conditions of the peripheral vestibular system, and individualized therapeutic vestibular rehabilitation protocols are implemented in vertigo patients. Finally, intratympanic injections are performed, where necessary, to restore sensorineural-type or chronic peripheral hearing disorders of the vestibular system.

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    The clinic operates in the area of Agios Nikolaos, Acharnes, at 39-41 Lemesou Street, perpendicular to 209 Acharnon Street.

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